Branding Design

No matter how smart you are, we’re all, deep down, symbol-minded people aka think in pictures.

A logo speaks to you instantly.  For example, take a look at our own logo.  One glance says it all: we’re personal, we’re in touch, we’re hands-on.

Without an effective graphical logo, your business simply isn’t as memorable as it needs to be.

At 5 Shades Media, we understand graphical logo design in ways you’ve probably never thought about.  When it comes to the end result, less is more.  But when it comes into the design process behind a logo, many hours of thoughtful care and professional insight went into every corporate symbol you’ve ever adored.

When you hire 5 Shades Media for your graphic logo design, we’ll find out what you’re all about.  Then we’ll present you with three preliminary designs to discuss, weigh, and analyze.  Finally, we’ll polish the one you like best into a picture-perfect end result.

When it’s all over, your graphical branding will be unforgettable.

Contact us for an initial consultation to get started on your company’s graphical logo design.