How To Choose A Website Designer

Find the BEST Web Designer in 20 Minutes or LESS… PLUS More Than 15 CRUCIAL Elements You ABSOLUTELY MUST Consider Before You Even THINK About Hiring YOUR Designer!

Dear Friend,

Let me make something perfectly clear:

No matter what you think you know right now, it’s not enough.

I’m sorry to say, but you are NOT fully armed with the necessary knowledge required to choose a web designer.

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering why I am so confident making such a bold statement. It’s simple, really; As CEO of the TOP CUSTOMER RATED web design company, I assumed it would BE EASY to put myself in YOUR shoes and choose a designer – after all, who’d be better-equipped than me to know who’s good, and who’s not? But, boy, was I WRONG!

I did EXACTLY what YOU’RE doing RIGHT NOW – bouncing from website to website, requesting quote after quote – until I was in OVER MY HEAD in a sea of DOUBT and CONFUSION!



So many web design companies on the Internet will advertise the same services, and say the same things.  They give you NOTHING that stands out and makes it clear which one deserves your contract – even for a guy like me! That’s when I decided that it is CRUCIAL that I make things EASY FOR YOU so I can save YOU from a similar HORRIBLE FATE!

After weeks of research and talking to literally hundreds of website and graphic design companies…

I compiled a list of the “NO EXCUSES” CRITERIA to look for
that will SAVE YOU from getting thrown into the street

If YOU want to succeed, ALWAYS DEMAND these crucial elements:

Custom Web Design A toll free telephone number Small Business Web Design Provides you with a copy of all files
Business Web Design Large online portfolio and samples HTML Web Design Works with Adobe programs
Web Design No strict per-page limitations Web Design Willing to work with your own ideas
Affordable Web Design A growing active portfolio Web Designers Bills by the project (flat price)
Small Business Web Design Can cater to your unique needs. Web Page Design Enforces strict deadlines
Best Web Design Willing to sign a contract. Custom Web Design Lots of great client testimonials
Business Web Design Requires only a deposit up front Custom Web Design Available for emergencies
Professional Web Design Number of years in business*** Web Design Company Knowledgeable in design & marketing

***9 out of every 10 new web design companies go out of business in the first year. What do you think will happen to your business if you choose the wrong company?

(If you’re assuming that we fulfill ALL the above qualifications, you assume CORRECTLY!)

So now YOU know how to avoid becoming BUSINESS ROADKILL!

But we’re not done yet…

…because, here’s The Big Kahuna Question that we know YOU want the answer to…’How Much Should I Pay For MY Website?’

(‘…considering I got quotes from $200 to $3500 for a straightforward 5-page design?’)

So you’ve requested quotes for a 5 page web design – nothing fancy or complicated, just a straight forward, informational website… and have gotten price quotes that seem like they’re being given by companies ALL OVER THE GALAXY!

REALISTIC price range for a high-quality, 5-page website:
$795 – $1495.

Why is 5 SHADES MEDIA less expensive? Because we are a small business with low overhead and a small, passionate staff…

Many web design companies are multi-million dollar Corporate CONGLOMERATES who build million dollar websites – your business means nothing to them. Their quote to you will be ASTRONOMICAL because they DON’T REALLY EVEN WANT YOUR BUSINESS!

YOUR business means EVERYTHING to YOU,
and when you become our client, it’ll mean EVERYTHING to US AS WELL!

All the websites we design rank among the top 1% of the best websites on the Internet! That’s how much PASSION and ATTENTION TO DETAIL we pour into EVERY project.  We rank high for usability, design, function and marketing. Wouldn’t you like to say that about your website?

(If the Internet breeds anything good, it’s skepticism!)

5 Shades Media is one of the most trusted companies on the Internet, offering complete web design, internet marketing, and identity design services to small AND medium sized businesses. Still don’t believe me, do you? Well, believe them. Contact them directly if you want and you can hear it straight from the source… 

“My search for a web site developer was somewhat involved. I took great care to shop and compare for important matters such as cost, customer service, expertise in the field etc. When I came across 5 Shades I was immediately impressed with their web site. I was able to view examples of their work and read testimonials from satisfied customers such as myself. After speaking to them, I was sold. 5 Shades Media’s knowledge and customer service was impeccable and remained so throughout the design/development process. I am very pleased with the website that was designed for me. I have received great feedback from customers and business associates alike regarding the overall look and appeal of my site. I would highly recommend 5 Shades to anyone considering developing their own web site. The experience I had working with 5 Shades was extremely positive!”

Valerie Varney

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing job on designing our website. We have tried many other design services and none have ever reached your level of service. You did a great jog on taking our ideas and creating exactly what we were looking for. 5 Shades gets our highest recommendation.”

Rich Barbieri

“I have been in business for close to 38 years. My main force is promotion and marketing here in Canada and in 32 countries which I supervised for several years. My dealings with 5 Shades Media is one of the best I ever worked with in every aspect of marketing. Their professionalism is of the finest and their dedication to my projects was always on time and have made EVERY single promotion a huge success. 5 Shades Media is extremely innovative and know what our clients want. I highly recommend their professional services to anyone.”  

John Therien

Visit our “Client Testimonials” Page under the About Us menu to read many, many more.



You’ve worked around the clock to get your business off the ground, and nothing is more important to you than its success — I know because I’ve been there. In order to ensure success with your dealings with us, I’ve comprised my team with ONLY the best people in the business. Our team here at 5 Shades Media brings a unique set of skills to the table, and is 100% comprised of people with extensive experience in marketing, design and programming. This enables us to give you the edge that is crucial to success in today’s volatile business environment. Every member of our team wants your business to succeed. If we can help aid in your success by designing a great website for you, then we know we’ve done our job right. 

We have won numerous awards for being an outstanding web design firm. These awards were based on creative design, technical functionality and user friendliness. Our clients’ websites consistently rank in the top 1% of best websites on the WHOLE ENTIRE Internet. Ask yourself; wouldn’t you like to say that about your website? 5 Shades Media ranks year after year as Client’s Top 3 Choice for Best Web Company to Work With.

Affordable Web Design Custom Web Design
Web Design Web Design Services

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We have over half a decade of experience working specifically with businesses just like yours; we know precisely what is needed to create an everlasting and successful website. 5 Shades is different from the rest of the yahoos you’ve read about today.

And to prove I’m not just talking the talk, let me show you that we walk the walk…

30 day money back guarantee
Professional Web Design North American company
Best Web Design Show 5 designs before paying
Web Page Design Massive active portfolio
Small Business Web Design Authentic client testimonials
Web Designers Live person to talk to 14 hrs/day
Web Design Company Unlimited phone time with designer
Toronto Web Design Toll free phone number
Web Design Services Unlimited website changes
Web Design Firm Flat price billing
Web Design Services Only deposit to start
Industry specific sites
No “per page” limitations
1 million+ stock photos
Give you all source files



My BIGGEST HOPE is that this information helps you AVOID HUGE RISKS, AVOID WASTED MONEY and potentially AVOID the END OF YOUR BUSINESS. If you’re only going to take one thing away from this letter, I want it to be this — at 5 Shades Media, we’re not “just” a web design firm, we’re your business partner. 

“Braydon D’Aguiar, CEO of 5 Shades Media, promises to be a company’s business partner, not just web designer. And he is. Braydon spent the time to get to know us, our message and our product while designing our website thereby insuring it supported our brand and company image. He is timely, extremely service oriented and talented. We are thrilled with the finished product! Braydon promises a lot and delivers much more. With over 30 urls, he will always have our business.”

Kimberly Frost

Visit our “Client Testimonials” Page under the About Us menu to read many, many more.


Get A Risk Free QUOTE Now!

Still not convinced? Read the box below:



I’m so confident that you’ll hug your monitor when you see your new website, that I’m giving you our very own indestructible DOUBLE GUARANTEE!

If you are not fully satisfied with the service or product you receive from 5 Shades Media, you can take advantage of our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your website after one week of having it online, we will build you another website for free! If you are still not satisfied after your second web design, we will refund every penny you invested into the design process. This money-back guarantee takes all the RISK OFF YOU and puts OUR HEAD directly on the chopping block.

THIS MEANS ZERO RISK FOR YOU. I couldn’t make this any easier.

I PUT MYSELF in MY CLIENTS’ SHOES.  I wanted to see what YOU go through when you try to make the BEST CHIOCE for hiring a web design company.  In the end, I decided that NOTHING would make me feel safe with my investment, unless I was getting a rock solid DOUBLE guarantee like like promise I’ve just made to you, in the box above.

Thanks so much for spending this time with me; I’m confident that all of the knowledge you just gained will help you make the best decision for your business.

Ready to move ahead risk-free? Request Quote NOW!

Best of luck,

Braydon D’Aguiar
C.E.O, 5 Shades Media, Inc.
211 Wurtemburg St.
Ottawa, ON K1N8R4
Toll Free : 1.866.510.6057
FAX: 1.613.907.6989