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No longer are you….
forced to buy website design services at information super-highway robbery prices.
… stuck settling for web design work from a sloppy amateur living in mom’s basement.

If you’ve been searching for a happy middle ground between the gigantic website superstores in San Francisco, and website design newbies who can’t deliver what they promise, you’re in luck.  5 Shades Media is here, and we’ve been here for over 10 years.

5 Shades Media is attuned to the many different functions that different businesses need from a website.

  • Online catalogs and e-business storefronts?  No problem!
  • Broaden your reach with attractive new advertising media?  You got it!
  • Increase your profits through cost-effective new contact channels?  Go for it!
  • Dominate the competition with amazing modern branding?  Let’s do it!

Every website, every company is different.  We’re willing to bet that your company wasn’t cranked out from a cookie-cutter, and your website shouldn’t be either.  We’ve got what website design amateurs, and giant website superstores, all lack:

  • Time to listen to your business’s “life story” and understand your goals.
  • Creativity to put the website functions and priorities that you need, front and center.
  • Talent to make eyebrows, brand recognition and revenues rise.
  • Insight to connect with your market demographic and make your brand stick like CrAzY glue.
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